For the makeover day, bring one smart/casual outfit, with matching shoes to get dressed in and to go home with. The duration of your big day may be from 08h00 up until 15h00 [this is not an accurate estimation and can differ from client to client although most makeovers happen in our suggested time frame.

Steps to a makeover

1. Wardrobe Planning

This makeover package does not include the purchase of any clothes, shoes or accessories and you are not obligated to buy anything.

Did you know that you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time, with your wardrobe planning we will uncover new combinations that you may have never imagined would work together for you, your lifestyle, figure type and budget? Find the perfect accessories to complement your mix and match wardrobe.

2. Colour analysis

I will do a full-colour analysis to help you discover the best colours which suit your skin tone and then introduce you to new and exciting colours to brighten up and enhance your features. You will receive a colour chart with all your specific colours to take with when you go shopping…

3. Figure Analysis

I will analyse your figure to help you find your figure type and to show you how to emphasize your best features and to hide those parts you wish to hide. This can be done by making skilful choices when shopping for clothes and underwear…

4. Your Hair

We will meet at the appointed hairdresser. Your hair will be coloured and styled according to your colour & style analysis…

5. Make-up

I will show you the correct way to do your own make-up (day&night) your best facial features will be enhanced by using the correct make-up…

6. Mini Manicure

a Therapist will do a mini manicure to ensure your hands and nails are fabulous for this eventful day.

7. Photo shoot

A professional photo shoot will be part of this makeover and will take place in the final stages of your makeover. You will get stunning ‘before and after’ photos as part of your make over package.